Continuous professional development biographic characteristics performance strategies teaching learning


Continuous Professional Development is the strategy schools, colleges and universities employ to ensure that teachers and lecturers continue to develop and enhance their professional practice throughout their career lives. The aim of the study was to find out the lecturer’s views towards Continuous Professional Development and the relationship between Continuous Professional Development and lecturer performance in private higher education institutions in Botswana with regards to variables such as gender, work experience, age and educational qualifications. A quantitative research paradigm was adopted and the survey was used as a strategy of inquiry. The collected data was analysed using SPSS package Version 20 and the interpretation was based on Pearson’s R. The findings were that, lecturers in Private Higher Education Institutions viewed Continuous Professional Development positively and regard it as a panacea for professional growth, efficiency and teaching effectiveness. They also perceived strategies for Continuous Professional Development implementation as satisfactory that a lot more with regards to stakeholder involvement was required. The study further showed that biographic characteristics such as gender, experience and qualifications had a positive relationship on lecturer performance after Continuous Professional Development training while age did not have a positive influence on lecturer job performance after going through Continuous Professional Development

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