Competency-Based Training Capacity Building South Africa Local Government


The purpose of this paper is to provide a conceptual account on the applicability of Competency-Based Training as a model for capacity building in the South African local government. The South African Local government has since the transition into democracy in 1994, invested on workforce development, aimed at improving municipalities’ capacity to deliver their mandates as described by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996. These efforts are shadowed by the ever increasing levels of service delivery protests, supplemented by unpleasing audit outcomes over the past two decades of democracy. The paper argues therefore that among other challenges of local government in South Africa, is the lack of conceptuality of capacity building as critical aspect of local government strategy. This challenge of the context of local government capacity therefore result in local government being unable to measure the account of capacity interventions in the municipalities. The paper in its purpose will use literature to back-up a hypotheses that using Competency-Based Training as a model in capacity building can be fruitful in the South African local government. On the basis of such a conceptual account the paper concludes that Competency-Based Training can be a driving force behind a professional, competent and self-driven local government workforce, where capacity intervention can be clearly measured.

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