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Traditional brick-and-mortar universities in Saudi Arabia are currently experiencing complex and unique problems. Escalating interest in higher education has triggered a vast increase in the student population, and a surge of applicants has prompted academic institutions to curb enrollment in some popular disciplines. While the number of universities throughout the Kingdom has increased, remote areas with dispersed populations remain overlooked. Likewise, an unprecedented rise in the number of women seeking a higher education has overwhelmed the university system, adding another dimension to an already difficult dilemma. However, with the vast development of information and communication technologies, distance learning provides a logical and plausible solution to the aforementioned issues. The popularity and affordability of e-learning and e-tools have facilitated the establishment of e-universities, either as independent entities or as subsidiaries of academic institutions. Consequently, King Abdulaziz University (located in the kingdom’s western region) has taken pioneering steps toward establishing an e-university that is equipped to handle the country’s unique needs, which will make expanded enrollment in e-learning programs a feasible objective for inclusion in the university’s strategic plans.

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