Army Land Forces, crisis management, learning organization, organization learning


The current financial crisis in Greece has led to the creation of an unfavorable external economic environment for all the organizations, threatening directly their sustainability. This study, through a critical literature review and an empirical study, examined the learning process in the case study of the Hellenic Army Land Forces and reached the conclusion that a structural transformation and the adoption and a modern concept are required in order the learning process to be facilitated and become more effective and efficient. However, the particularities that the Armed Forces present as organization, require further research for the development and implementation of a military learning model. The study provided the theoretical background and proposed appropriate methods and tools that can potentially be used in the examined case indicating that there are strong evidences that the Hellenic Land Forcers has the proper infrastructure that could facilitate the restructure and development of a relevant learning model. Nevertheless, the adoption of special management processes are required enabling Army to correspond to current learning needs.

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